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Is my home right for solar power?

There are several factors to consider in insuring that your home is right for solar. First; does your home have a good south-facing roof which will get you the most sun exposure? If not we will seek other options such as a garage roof, outbuildings or a ground mounted system. The quality of your roof is also important .We look at structural integrity and the quality of the roofing material, these can affect the installation process. We also look at shading on your roof to ensure that your panels will be able to reach optimal production, sometimes trees have to be removed. We want to ensure that going solar makes sense for your budget.


How much sun do I need for home solar?

Even with all the fog in Monterey County, a photovoltaic solar system can generate enough electricity. However, If you’re in an area where the fog stays all day, then solar may not work as well for your home. Optimum output from your PV panels is created from LIGHT not heat so as long as there is bright light, electricity will be produced.


How much roof space do I need for home solar?

For every kilowatt (kW) installed, a home solar photovoltaic system takes up about 100 square feet. Most residential solar photovoltaic systems are between 4 and 8kW and take up 400 to 800 feet on average.


What type of roof is best for home solar?

We can work with any roof type although some types create greater challenges.


What if my roof is too small or is shaded?

A ground mounted solar system is a really great option if your roof isn’t ideal for solar. As with roof mounts, a ground mount should be free of shade, face the south more or less, and be free of sun blocking obstructions.


I belong to a homeowners association (HOA). Can they prevent me from having a solar photovoltaic system installed on my property?

The California Solar Rights Act says that homeowners associations (HOAs), governments, and other organizations can’t prevent a property owner from installing solar photovoltaic system. They may ask you to modify the design for aesthetics. Even then the law will be In your favor, but it’s important to address your neighbor’s concerns. We want to save energy AND create a positive global awareness.


What is Net Metering?

When the sun is at the highest point in the sky, your system will produce a lot of electricity. Any additional electricity that you’re not using will flow back into the grid and your meter will run backwards. This generates credits. At night the credit your system generated during the day is applied to your evening energy consumption.


If there is a power outage will my solar photovoltaic system still supply me with electricity?

No. Your home solar power system will automatically shut off if the power goes out in order to protect utility workers working on power lines. Sea Wind Solar can install back up batteries if you want to have continuous power.